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For the country and society

The “Umai Group” company began its activities in July 2002. The leader and the largest FMCG operator in Kyrgyz market.

Customers which make purchases are more than

Company provides workplace to more than

Annual amount of tax deductions of our company is more than

250 k.


6,5 k.

Kyrgyz people

1,5 billion


Our stores

The “Narodny” chain of stores began its activities in 2002. The “Narodny” is the first chain of stores in the format of “at home” in the cities of Bishkek, Kara-Balta, Kant, Tokmok, Cholpon-Ata, Bosteri. The average retail area of the Narodny store is 350 square meters. And its range includes more than 7,000 product items.


In 2015 multi- format chain of stores “Globus” was launched by the company. Today the Globus is the largest trade store in Kyrgyzstan for trade turnover, by coverage settlements and customer traffic. The chain stores operate in four formats: “Express”, “Supermarket”, “Hypermarket”, “Bereke”- a format that does not sell alcohol and product containing pork. In addition, the Globus has an online store: on the shelves there are absolutely all goods available, which means that purchase can be made in anywhere and at any time!

In 2021, the network of hard discounters “Dostor” was launched. We are really friends with buyers, because “Dostor” is a chain of stores with friendly prices.In “Dostor” stores, we guarantee that shopping from us will always be profitable!
Because we have no additional costs for:

  • Large staff

  • Excess store area

  • Wide assortment: our stores offer about 1.200 of the most popular commodity items and own trademarks are represented in our stores.

“Dostor” - only the necessary and nothing superfluous!


In 2023 company received license for an international chain of retail stores and official representative of the SPAR chain in Kyrgyzstan.

The 1st two stores of the SPAR chain were opened in summer of 2023 in Bishkek and Balykchy.

Today Umai Group successfully continues traditions and principles of well-known international brand in the Kyrgyz market.

21 years old

perfect work


successful retail chains

10 k.

product items

Own production

Our own production department is famous for its gastronomic products, which are prepared with love and care. Amazing selection of hot dishes from meat, chicken and fish. Variety of salads, snacks, bakery, and confectionery products. All these become truly loved by the customers of our stores.

Own production department – is one of the largest division of the company. It includes 3 main parts:

factory-kitchen, local production stores, bakery.

Bakery sends more than 13,000 types of bakery products to stores every day.


Factory-kitchen-provides products to all chain stores.


Local-production stores provide products to the store in which it is located and sends products to other stores.


Own trademarks

Thanks to our own production department, our first trademark was launched. Our own trademarks are produced in partnership only with trusted manufacturing plants.

Trademark TORTAVITA – life is sweet! This brand produces cakes, pastries, national and other sweets.


“Baikazan” – a brand that helps housewives prepare delicious, healthy dinner. These are high quality frozen products at affordable prices.


Trademark №1 – assortment of products at the lowest price.


Trademark “Baatyr” – brand which wins the hunger! It is tasty fast food brand – sandwich, hamburger, pizza and various sausage products.

Trademark “Pryanik-Rumyanik” – without this trademark, no tea party is possible, the name of which speaks for itself.


Logistic infrastructure

A few words about how the goods get to the shelves. The Logistics infrastructure of the company includes a car park, which has more than 50 medium-duty trucks. 4 warehouse distribution centers with an area of more than 16,000 square meters. It is capable of passing through 6600 items of goods.


Every day, own products are distributed around the clock from centers and stores to stores more than 30 different delivery routes.

  • Consumer Protection Act

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