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SPAR – is now in Issyk-Kul

The second supermarket opened in Balykchy.

The international supermarket chain SPAR continues to expand in Kyrgyzstan. The second supermarket of the chain opened in Balykchy, Is syk-Kul region. 

Are you thinking of something delicious to eat on the way to Issyk-Kul? Now for all residents and tourists there is a huge selection of high quality goods available at affordable prices. The store location is convenient. 

Issyk-Kul SPAR – opened right at the entrance to the city, opposite of the ring, a chic store with fir-tree emblem

The second store of SPAR opened in Balykchy on August, 18. A concert program was organized . In honor of the opening, each customer was given branded SPAR “shoppers”. This is especially important,because the use of plastic bags is prohibited in Issyk-Kul. Now you can go shopping with an easy “shopper"

For those who are on holiday, SPAR supermarket is an excellent opportunity to take branded baked goods with them. Only here artisan sourdough bread is prepared according to a unique recipe. It is impossible to pass by and not buy a loaf of bread at SPAR, you can also enjoy the delicious taste of pastries and cakes, always tasty, fresh, with a variety of fillings.

At SPAR you can also enjoy the delicious taste of our own delicate cakes and pastries. Always fresh and delicious with a variety of fillings.

Customers have also managed to appreciate the production of ready-to-eat food.

After all, the chain's chefs cook according to special recipes from natural ingredients, with an emphasis on details. Everything takes place at open stations. You can see the whole process and can be sure that you are buying the freshest salads or second courses.

Additional benefit for buyers, you can become a SPAR member in Kyrgyzstan.

Install the application and join the club

(download the application)

Club “SPAR Kyrgyzstan” is a system of discounts and bonuses for customers who make purchases in a supermarket most profitable. Club members will be able to 

receive gifts for purchases, special discounts and personal offers

Club members will be able to receive gifts for purchases, special discounts and personal offers

And also: 

-accumulate bonuses and pay for your purchases with them, 1 bonus=1 som                           

-participate in prize draws. 

-Get discounts, coupons, for your “favorite products” and additional bonuses for purchases. 

Official representative SPAR in Kyrgyzstan Umai Group company will continue its long-standing traditions and principles of well – known international brand. More great news, in the near future. 

The second supermarket will open its doors in the city of Balykchy. 

Follow the news of SPAR and new openings in Kyrgyzstan.

And of course, welcome to SPAR supermarkets for a pleasant and profitable purchases.

SPAR – better together!


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