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The international network of SPAR supermarkets has opened in Kyrgyzstan.

Have you visited the 1st metropolitan supermarket of the SPAR chain? If not, it's time to hurry up! The 1st supermarket is located in the very center of the capital at the intersection of Chui and Manas avenues.

 The opening ceremony of the supermarket took place on July 20, was a bright and memorable event for Bishkek residents and guests of the capital. The audience joyfully greeted the artist, danced, played with animators, made purchases and received gifts. In honor of opening was given to each customer regardless of the purchase amount SPAR branded shoppers.

The most important thing is that the audience were able to see that SPAR is special on the Kyrgyz market. Discounts, affordable prices and exclusive assortments under our own trademarks.

SPAR – all this was  appreciated by the first buyers of the network. Own trademarks – of SPAR  are high quality products at affordable prices for everyone.

One of the distinctive features of SPAR network is its own productions of readymade food.

Chefs of SPAR prepare according to special recipes with an emphasis on the smallest details,at open cooking stations, using only natural ingredients. Here you can find a wide assortment of tasty and nourishing dishes:  healthy breakfasts and full business lunches, original salads and snacks, a variety of slide dishes and national cousine.

Separately,  I would like to mention the bakery products of SPAR. It is a separate form of art.

Here we sell artisan baked goods, which are made by hand on natural sourdough. Only author’s recipes are used which have been practiced for decades.

Important feature of SPAR is – collaboration with local suppliers and farmers. Domestic manufacturers now have an excellent opportunity to produce and sell products under the SPAR brand and enter international markets.

As an additional benefit for buyers, you can become a SPAR club member in Kyrgyzstan.

Install the application and join the club (download the application).

Club “SPAR Kyrgyzstan” is a system of discounts and bonuses for customers who make purchases in a supermarket maximally profitable. Club members will be able to 

receive gifts for purchases, special discounts and personal suggestions.

And also:

-save bonuses and pay for your purchases with them, 1 bonus=1 som                               

-participate in prize draws.

Get discounts, coupons, for your “favorite products” and additional bonuses for purchases. Official representative of the SPAR network  in Kyrgyzstan, the Umai Group company will continue its long-standing traditions and principles of the approach to the work of the well-known international brand. And one more great news, in the near future the second supermarket will open its doors in the city of Balykchy. Follow the news of SPAR and new openings in Kyrgyzstan.

And of course, welcome to SPAR supermarkets for a pleasant and profitable shopping.

SPAR - better together!


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